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Nik Software – A New Bundle and Huge Price Drop

Yesterday I received notice from Nik Software, who was recently acquired Google, that they were now bundling all of their professional photography plug-ins and dropping the price to $150.  Shocked doesn’t even begin to explain the emotion that I felt. … Continue reading

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The Nightmare until Christmas

The Halloween season can easily provide me with more than enough images to edit and post for an entire year.  I love that there are just so many opportunities to shoot during this season.  And the fact that it happens … Continue reading

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Arania Kills….. Again

Fall is upon us again and with it Six Flags brings us another year of Fright Fest at the park.  And nothing screams Halloween spirit like Ariana killing of husband number 14. But this year I don’t plan on ranting … Continue reading

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Time to HOWL Again

It’s that time of year again when we really enjoy going to Six Flags.  This very well could be due to the demise of the unbearable heat our summers normally bring.  Or it could just be that having a theme … Continue reading

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In Your Own Backyard

I need to get out and shoot.  This is a phrase that I and all of my friends have said a multitude of times.  What it really means is I need to get up off my butt and open my … Continue reading

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Arania’s Musical Massacre

October has finally departed and it doesn’t appear that things are going to slow down much. Fortunately we were able to take a couple weekends and make it out to Fright Fest and catch the Six Flags presentation of Arania’s … Continue reading

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A Night to HOWL

Finally it’s here, my favorite three months of the year. We call it fall, well at least I do. October through December is when our Texas weather finally cools down to bearable and I enjoy being outside in it. The … Continue reading

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