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Black Rapid Review

Today I posted a quick review on the Black Rapid RS-5. A quick over view is that I absolutely love this camera strap.  Having the camera at my side feels so much more natural than it hanging from my neck.  … Continue reading

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The Milestones

I find it interesting how each person has their own interpretation of milestones.  From a parent’s point of view, your children reach milestones every day.  Doctors have charts and check marks that they go by.  Schools think TAKS is the … Continue reading

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Kate’s 4th Birthday Party

Saturday we made the trek out to Plano to celebrate Kate’s 4th birthday party at Planet Pizza.  The kids had an absolute blast running around playing games and riding rides.  Ryann and I had the pleasure of hanging out with … Continue reading

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A Very Wet Summer

This has definitely been a different summer for us in North Texas. I can’t remember the last time I was able to not water the yard for an entire month. Unfortunately with the daily high chance of thunderstorms we haven’t … Continue reading

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A Relaxing Summer

A few years ago Ryann, Ariana and I went sailing with my parents in the San Juan Islands. This was one of the most enjoyable relaxing vacations that I have ever been on. We spent about 10 days chasing the … Continue reading

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Project Beer

When I first started taking pictures of beer bottles I had no idea it would become an obsession to try and capture them with the best possible light.  And after initially only shooting the bottle I decided to also shoot … Continue reading

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Saturday School – Field Day

Who wants to go to school on a Saturday.  Not many, but when our Texas weather throws a lot of snow at us our kids have to make up those days some how.  The decision to hold school on a … Continue reading

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