Nik Software – Review / Discount and Coupon Code

When looking at new software and plug-ins one of the first questions I ask myself  is how will this benefit me and my work-flow?  Can this do something that I am not able to do without it?  If no, will it provide an easy or faster method to reach those results.  To get the answer to these questions I want to be able to use the software prior to purchasing.  Nik, like most software companies, offers trial versions of their software.  If after you try their software and decide to purchase, you can receive 15% off by using the coupon code “bcox“.

Nik Software – Free Trial Software
Test drive the award-winning Nik Software tools on your images today!

The Nik Software Complete Collection is by far the best collection of plug-ins I have invested in and quickly became a vital part of my workflow.  The creative question I now ask myself is what look do I want to portray with this image and how can Nik help.

I guess I will run through each of the Plug-in sets and let you know what I use and don’t use.

Color Efex Pro 3.0-Complete

So this is where it all started for me.  This was the first set of plug-ins that I tried from NIK.  I chose this set due to the vast number of presets and options that were available.   I felt like a child in a candy store.  I was pulling up images one after another and quickly running through each of the effects offered to me, learning what effects I did and didn’t like.  I rapidly created a list of favorites and almost as quickly stopped using the others.  But I soon recognized this mistake after taking advantage of the vast amount of free training that NiK provides on their website.  Watching other artists use these adjustments in new ways has opened new doors in the way I work and provided many different looks and feels that I wouldn’t have at first thought of doing.

Silver Efex Pro

Coming Soon

Viveza 2

Coming Soon

Dfine 2.0

Coming Soon

Sharpener Pro 3.0

Coming Soon

HDR Efex Pro

I absolutely love this program.  I have used quite a few different applications for creating my HDR images and this is the one I keep coming back to.  You can read my review on this software here.