About Brett

I was born in Oregon and lived there until I was five when my parents moved us to what I consider my true home, Mukilteo Washington.  My childhood was spent here with great memories of summer days that seemed to last forever, mornings of frost covered grounds, steamy breath, hours of exhilarating soccer, sounds of nature, the smell of ocean, the feel of a fresh mist in the air.

Growing up in the Pacific North West provided me many opportunities to enjoy and cherish various outdoor activities.  Summer vacations were often spent camping on the Chetco river in southern Oregon.  My family would spend weeks living out of our Volkswagen camper and homemade chuckwagon.  The Boy Scouts contributed to my love for camping, weeks at a time spent at Fire Mountain.

At the age of thirteen my father’s career migrated our family to North Texas, which is where I currently reside.  Living in this much warmer climate provided me many new opportunities.  Water skiing, roller blading, skateboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking and scuba diving quickly became staples in my life.

Many of my summers I spent a majority of time with my Grandfather water skiing behind his boats, fishing and traveling to places I would probably never have been able to go without him.  He was a huge influence to me in so many positive ways that I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today had he not been such a large part of my life.

I am currently a single dad and have three wonderful children who fill my days with excitement, worry, warmth, frustration, anger, laughter, sadness, and dumb founded looks.  Dull moments are never lacking in my life.

I enjoy reading though rarely find the time these days.  I love the flavor of a good micro beer running across my palate and prefer a dark beer over a light one.  I have even turned my hand at brewing a few batches myself.  Riding my VFR at ridiculously fast speeds relieves my stress like nothing else, but I usually regret reaching my destination so quickly and prematurely ending my ride.  I prefer a pencil to pen, but only if it’s a mechanical .05mm or smaller. I have been an Apple fanboy since 1989, but find my lust for their glitter is diminishing.  I love both sushi and sushimi and prefer crab to lobster.

I believe my love for photography started in high school, unfortunately I didn’t recognize my passion for it until 2006.  I picked up my first DSLR in order to capture better images during a family backpacking trip.  To this day the zeal for capturing life continues.

I created Always a Click Away because of the play on the words.  It keeps me grounded to the fact that there will always be a goal to strive for to make my photography that much better.  It also represents my love for travel and no matter how fortunate I may be in the future in my endeavors there will always be another place to go and explore.

I love all facets of photography, but tend to find the most enjoyment from it when I am shooting fashion, glamour, avant-garde, performing artists, landscape and travel.