A Faire End but a Fairer Goodbye

Regardless of whether we attend once or every weekend, the end of the Scarborough season always leaves me wanting more.  I suppose because I find it to be a place that allows me to easily leave the real world behind.  An immersion of myself into a land of enchantment, entertainment and bliss.  A time when life was simpler, slower and  personal encounters don’t feel so rushed.  And all of this could be why it has taken me nearly a month to put these thoughts into writing.

Our family was blessed this season with the fortune of having not only the funds to have Friends of Faire passes, but more importantly the time to use them.  For the past few years we have always had to seriously weigh out the cost versus the number of days we were available due to our children’s extracurricular events and life events.  And by Faire’s end I can honestly say I think going every weekend of this season was a very enriching experience for my children, each taking something positive away from the fest.

This season however left me wanting more for a bit of a different reason.  By this faire’s end the news of a very special Queen’s decision to retire had swept the kingdom.  A Queen who has been a staple part of this enchanted world that I have been in attendance of for 22 years.  A beautiful lady who graciously welcomed the patrons every weekend for the last 25 years decided it was time to open new doors for herself.  Although she will be severely missed I doubt she will ever be forgotten.

Brady with Queen Anne Boleyn

Brady with Queen Anne Boleyn

Equipment: Nikon D700Nikon 24-70
Post Processing: Lightroom,  Nik Color Efex Pro 4Photoshop
Shot Info: 1/200 sec at f 4.5, ISO 1600

Thankfully on the last day of Faire we were able to catch up with her for just a moment and Brady was able to present her with a bouquet of flowers and well wishes.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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