Drive By Shooting

The shots I don’t get occur all the time. Most of the time it’s due to circumstances beyond my control. But to be fair there are a good many that I miss because I don’t have my camera with me. Or because I wasn’t prepared enough to take the shot as it unfolded in front of me. And I’ll even go as far as to blame my children for not letting me get the shot. Though the truth of the matter is I will always be willing to not get a picture and provide for my family.

North Texas doesn’t get a whole lot of fog. And it seems when we do it burns off rather quickly. So when our weather mimics the likes of Seattle with low laying clouds, a light misty rain and patchy fog I can just about kick myself when my job prevents me from spending the day running around with a camera.

Hiding Ft. Worth

Hiding Ft. Worth

Equipment: iPhone
Post Processing: Snapseed

On this beautiful day my curse was just that. I was plucking away at my day job missing out on beautiful scenes like the one above.  Fortunately for me I had to travel from one office building to the other mid afternoon and spotted this building being engulfed in the sky.  Now i’m sure shooting out the car window while cruising along at 60 mph in traffic is about as safe as texting.  But this scene was just too good to pass up and I didn’t have the time to pull over.

I love the shot I got and only wish I would have had the time to work it.  The images I am able to get out of my phone these days just amazes me.  It also makes me realize that using the excuse that I don’t have my camera just doesn’t fly.  Additionally I did all the post processing on this image on the phone using Nik Software’s Snapseed.  This is a must have photo editing app for anyone on a mobile device and as of this writing it is a free application for both iOS and Android.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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