Christmas Carnage

It’s a few days after New Years and the holiday season is winding down. Lights and lawn decorations are slowly disappearing from the neighborhood, while totes and storage containers are getting filled with seasonal dishes, towels, garland, and lights. Everything is slowly being prepared for the long hibernation of attic living.

This year my Honey-Do responsibilities include the privilege of being a triage nurse and surgeon to the onslaught of tree decorations. Oh yes, this Christmas season my son, who is now three, had his way with a multitude of ornaments leaving them in various assortments of mutilation and disarray. Who can really blame him. In fact, the problem stems from us buying ornaments that resemble his room decor.

The most punished of the season was the 100 Acre Express. I believe initially the smoke stack was knocked off followed by the disengagement of the wheels, though they remained connected for a few days with the assistance of the now missing grill. Pooh lost his hat one evening at Hobby Lobby while we were in search of photo props for our Holiday shoot. I can’t remember at what point Piglet lost his head, but I do recall my wife texting to tell me of the tragedy.

Christmas Carnage

Christmas Carnage

Equipment: Nikon D700, Nikon 50mm
Post Processing: Lightroom, Nik Color Efex Pro, Photoshop

I am hoping that model glue will work in my attempts to restore life to these so we can continue to hang them next year. Though the year after that, my suggestion will be to put only boring non-breakables on as our daughter will be at this same playful and intrigued stage of her life.


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