The Map To Everything

Now who doesn’t need one of these?  My guess is everyone would like one.  But I bet there are only a rare few who have someone so special in their life that contain the skill needed of producing such a fabulous treasure.  Lucky for me I happen to know this beautiful little girl who poses just such a skill.  And just recently I had the great opportunity to spend a whole day with her.

During our visit she presented me with the most excellent gift one could ask for.  Direction.  Now some of you might be thinking that I know where I am going and am not in need of such a marvelous jewel.  But if you stop for a moment and think about just how powerful having a map to everything is, you will realize it is something everyone could very much make use of.  And anyone who has small children will immediately see the benefit of this.  Seriously, a map that helps me locate that missing remote?

Now the selfish side of me didn’t want to share this with you.  I mean really, if you had the map to everything wouldn’t you want to keep it to yourself also?  But it dawned on me that what makes this so special is that it was made just for me.  So even though I am sharing it with you, only I have the benefit of knowing its true magic only works for me.

The Map to Everything

The Map to Everything

By now I am sure you are asking yourself, “Self, why in the world is Brett bragging about his totally awesome map on his blog.”  And a very good questions that would be.  I recently listened to the Twit Photo podcast with elevendy immediately made me think of this wonderful piece of art.  While discussing the creation of their business name Dave Cox talks about the ages when people are most creative.   And amazingly enough the artist of this piece falls within that age group and (as he so correctly states) has not yet had society beat her creativity away.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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1 Response to The Map To Everything

  1. Mom says:

    How sweet and how lucky you are to have this map to everything. You should frame it and hang it on your wall and you will know exactly where you are going always. The fact that it was created with the love of a child and seen through the eyes of those who love her make it even more special.

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