A Body of Art

I love it when a clutch of people can get together and share each of their creative visions collaboratively to produce an amazing result.  As photographers who shoot people we have this opportunity a lot.  We will often obtain the service of a hair and or makeup artist to assist us.  We utilize models who specialize in movement, dance, posing, etc.  Sometimes we acquire the assistance of someone who’s passion and vision lies in dramatically lighting our subjects.  The list of different artists that we work with could go on and on.

Towards the end of the last February, Andrea, a friend of mine who I had met a year earlier at the Fort Worth Pecha Kutcha, asked if I would be interested in meeting with her to discuss a painting project she had in mind.   We met for lunch one day and she explained to me what she was wanting and from there our collaboration was set into motion.  She was in search of a model and I began modifying my studio so I could shoot three backdrops simultaneously.

By the first part of March we got together and spent an evening together working on her living master piece.  Additional photos can be seen on my portfolio site.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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2 Responses to A Body of Art

  1. Jack Duggins says:

    Andrea,does wonderful work

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