Wooing Wed Widing Hood

This last weekend my daughter performed in her first school play.  As is the norm I was as close as I could be with my camera in hand.  And as is also the norm my youngest only gave me about 10 minutes of shooting before making it well known that he was no longer happy to be sitting in his stroller watching this soon to be summoned to Broadway play.

Since I was only able to grab a handful of shots I decided I would process them with the newly released Topaz Adjust and have a little fun with it.  Having adjustment brushes built into the new app was definitely handy.  But I did find myself still going to Photoshop for some of the clean up.

Wooing Wed Riding Hood

Wooing Wed Riding Hood

I chose to push the edgy look a little more on the guys while leaving the girls a little softer.  I really like the look and it was really super easy using the Topaz software.  I still believe this is one of the best plug ins you can by for the price.

Wooing Wed Riding Hood

Wooing Wed Riding Hood

You can check out the rest of the images in my gallery.

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