One Day for Mourning

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More Shock


A few of the emotions I felt the moment I saw the text message that Steve Jobs had passed away.

An icon who without ever meeting me was able to sculpt my life.

I had always wanted to meet the Great Steve Jobs, but never really put forth any effort to do so.  I’m not sure I ever really felt the need, it would have just been nice.  Obviously it wasn’t the man who influenced me so much as his vision.

But today I feel a sadness that I never expected.  Almost as if a very close friend or family member had passed away.  It doesn’t seem logical to me that the loss of one person whom I have never met could have such an emotional effect on me.

My love for Apple came easily.  It’s hard not to love something that works.  That’s logical.  That’s complete.  I assume that is what drew me towards this fruit company.

Like so many others my experience began sitting in front of a green screen typing if then statements.  And I enjoyed programming, but it was the complete experience that really excited me.  Within a few years I had upgraded to this wonderful all in one computer called Macintosh.  This was my first portable computer and it accompanied me every where

I’ll not bore you with 20 years of how I got here.  But simply acknowledge that Steve’s persistence of Apple evolution was behind it all.

The glass of Kool-Aid is still half full.  It’s no secret I am an Apple fan boy.  It’s hard not to be when you have dedicated your life to supporting and advocating their products.  But I have no disillusion that Apple is far from reaching their ceiling.  Like any and all other companies their products still have room for improvement.  And it is in this arena that I  feel that Steve’s candle was extinguished too soon.

It doesn’t matter what your personal feelings towards the man or the company are, the fact remains that he had vision and let nothing stop him from going after it.  This is what made him great.  This is what will be truly missed.

Thank you Steve for having the passion to push the world we live in to constantly innovate to be and produce something greater.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Rest In Peace   1955 – 2011

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