Ready For Take Off

As I am sure most of you have noticed the blog has been very stagnate as of late.  I was really hoping that being on vacation would not slow down the blog posts, little did I know it would stop them altogether.  I had every intention of setting up multiple posts to go live while I would be out of technologies grasp.  But as we came down to the last few days of prep I found I just didn’t have the time to get the blog taken care of.

Our subsequent trip to the San Juan Islands was much different than last time.  I can attest that sailing around with a nineteen month old is anything but relaxing.  Over the next couple of weeks I will post many images and short descriptions of the different islands we visited.

Pigeon Guillemot

Pigeon Guillemot

Today’s image is of a Pigeon Guillemot taking flight.  I really like the angle I was lucky enough to capture this shot at.  I wouldn’t normally set up to take a picture of a bird from behind, but I had been watching these little guys fly in and out for a while and I liked how they seemed to try and get a running start as they were taking off.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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