The Slaying of Esmeralda

Since the early 1990’s I have been attending the Scarborough Fair Renaissance Festival. Some years provided me more opportunity to regress in time more frequently than others, but I have always tried to go at least once a year.

Over the years I watched as the fair has transformed and grown.  A part of me wishes this evolution hadn’t happened and miss the experiences of a fair that now only remain in my memories.  A less commercialized version of a place that was an escape for many of us from every day life.  A place where weird and abnormal were normal.

Many shows have come and gone over the years.  My favorites include the Faming idiots,  Birds of Prey, Living Chess, and of course Don Juan and Miguel.  I don’t remember when Esmeralda joined Don Juan and Miguel, but with the addition of new talent to the show I hope to continue and see them for years to come.

Today’s image is a shot of Esmeralda taken only moments after being slayed.



About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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