The Summer Savings Continue

This summer, software companies seem to want to just give you their products.   I recently wrote about a ridiculous sale that OnOne Software was doing, Now for a very shot time you can get plug-ins from Topaz at the incredibly low price of 25% off.

This is crazy since Topaz adjust is already listed at a very reasonable amount for what you get.  I use Topaz Adjust as both a plug-in to Aperture and with Photoshop and regardless to which host application I am using it returns the same high quality result.  The interface is identical in both programs, this is essential in keeping my workflow streamlined.  I don’t want to spend my time learning software.  So keeping my tools simple to use and uniform across different environments is important to me when choosing them.

When I was first introduced to Topaz Adjust I have to admit that I wasn’t super stoked because I thought I was achieving very similar results using NiK Software plug-ins.  After using Topaz for their 30 day trial I realized that Topaz Adjust offered me a quick way to return a little different result.  And in photography it’s sometimes the little details that end up making the photo.  Adjust doesn’t replace my NiK Software toolset, but it definitely adds to it.

So why am I yammering on so much about this software?  Because for a few short days they are offering it at 25% off.  This is insane.  Their software is already a bargain at full price.  I was stoked when they gave me a coupon code “bcox” to provide to you to get 10% off, which if you happen to not read this until After August 1st 2011 you can still use.  But right now if you use the code “getadjusted” you get to take 25% off.  The coupon can be used for any one of their products or for the bundle.  Just make sure you take advantage of this by Monday.

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Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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