A Photographers Guide to Lion Compatibility

So Apple finally released their newest cat to the public yesterday and it would appear that the masses are flocking to it.  I opted not to be a day one migrant for a couple of reasons.

Number one, I was too tired to mess with it.  In fact I didn’t even sit down at the computer last night.  My day started at 6:30am and ended at 9:30pm when I plopped my butt down on the couch for 30 minutes that really turned into me replying to emails on my phone before retiring to bed.

Reason two, as an IT professional I am very weary of jumping on day one software releases when applying to a production box.  Since I have a few projects I am working on at the moment and can’t afford for my machine to not work I decided I will wait at least a few days to see what is discovered.

But I thought I would share the links to third party software manufacturers who have commented on their compatibility with Lion.

All Products

Alien Skin Software

I couldn’t find any info from Canon, but forum users are saying no issues if you have upgraded to the latest software which is NOT PowerPC.


NiK Software


All Plug-ins are compatible


Hope these help you.  If you know of any additional sources please feel free to comment and I can add them to the list.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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