Stairway to SLEEP

Today’s image is brought to you from one of my favorite locations to shoot, the Swift & Co. Meat packing plant. An earlier shot I posted of the only restrooms I have seen out here was also taken in this building. In fact I think this may have been one of my two favorite buildings on the property.

Not knowing the industry I am not certain what this building was used for.  It has a huge garage type door that I am guessing you could have driven a good size truck through.  The building also sits right next to rail road tracks.  So my guess would be part of the shipping and receiving.

Stairway to SLEEP

Stairway to SLEEP

Equipment: Nikon D700, Sigma 24 – 70
Post Processing: Aperture, Nik HDR Efex Pro, Photoshop, Nik Color Efex Pro
HDR Details: 7 exposures -3 to +3
As always, you can click the image to see it at larger sizes.

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Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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