Charlie Montague is a Somebody Too

You remember way back to spring when our Texas weather was cooler?  That’s what going back through my spring break album made me think of.  A nice cool afternoon that the family could enjoy while sitting under the great oaks of Luckenbach Texas.

Charlie Montague

Charlie Montague

Our afternoon lunch was enjoyed outside the world famous post office while listening to the great music of Charlie Montague.  The band performed with great energy and passion for their music which made listening to them very enjoyable.

It’s easy to enjoy any artist who truly has a passion for what they do regardless of the art.  After lunch Brady and I headed toward the stage so I could snap off a few.  Brady didn’t seem to mind much, my boy loves music.

Charlie Montague Band

Charlie Montague Band

I didn’t take nearly as many shots as I wish I would have.  But isn’t that always the case.  I either way over shoot or wish for more.  I wonder if there is a happy medium. Anyways, Brady wanted to wander and the patrons of Luckenbach were enjoying watching him run around.

Last week I heard they were coming up to Ft. Worth to perform at the world famous Billy Bob’s so I felt motivated to post some images of their band.  Hope you enjoy.  Check out my portfolio for some additional shots of Charlie Montague and the band.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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