The Locker Room

I realized while I was processing some of these shots that while we were on our photo walk of Cowboy stadium many of us were all shooting the exact same thing in the exact same manner.  I guess part of that is just being human, but when I am out shooting I try and always think to myself “How could I shoot this in a different manner?”.

This shot is one that I think everyone of us stood against the back wall, aimed, and fired.  I’m not entirely sure how many others shot it in HDR, but regardless of the technique we all shot it at eye level, lined up shoulder to shoulder.  In part this may have been because we were on a timed schedule, but I remember reflecting back while processing the image thinking that I didn’t ask how I could shoot it different.  And maybe there aren’t too many artistic ways of shooting a door in a corridor, but it bothered me just a bit.

The Locker Room

The Locker Room

Equipment: Nikon D700, Sigma 24 – 70
Post Processing: Aperture, Nik HDR Efex Pro, Photoshop
HDR Details: 3 exposures -2, 0, +2
As always, you can click the image to see it at larger sizes.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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  1. ChrisdMRF says:

    Love the processing

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