The Sweetest of all Fairies

Granted, I don’t know many fairies so saying that Twig is the sweetest of them all might be a misstatement.  But I can’t imagine one that could be any nicer than she is to all who come across her path.

Twig is a mimed fairy who relates and interacts especially well with children.  In fact a year ago she bonded so quickly with my son she tried to run away with him.  OK, so it was more of a tip toe sneaky departure.

Somehow without saying a word Twig communicates incredibly well with those who interact with her and all enjoy the music she creates from her double-piped aulos.

Twig the Fairy

Twig the Fairy

This photo was taken of Twig during the parade at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.  As of this writing I have placed three additional images into a collection for Twig.  You can view these in my portfolio.  I will continually add more as I have the time to process them.

I hope Twig blesses us with many more years of visiting renaissance festivals as she is truly and wonderful part of the experience and an equally wonderful subject to photograph.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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2 Responses to The Sweetest of all Fairies

  1. Daniel Ellis says:

    Great photo. You do know this fairy. Granted she is nicer and more kid friendly

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