To the Forge

Every time I hear the word forge my mind takes me to The Lord of The Rings.  The Forge I am referring to here is Legacy Forge and specifically the shop at Scarborough Faire.  I think we stopped by almost every time we went.

John / Legacy Forge

John / Legacy Forge

The crew working here are so friendly and knowledgeable.  I think what I was most impressed with was the continual attention and sharing of knowledge they provide and they never seem to expect a sale.  When I decide I am at the point that I need to add a blade to my garb this will be the only place I go.

Leslie / Legacy Forge

Leslie / Legacy Forge

Since I wasn’t in the market for any weaponry this season I didn’t even look at pricing, but I can’t imagine that hand crafted steel would come without a reasonable asking price.  Regardless of price though it was very pleasant not feeling like there was any pressure to buy.  This was especially nice since my daughter was the one monopolizing their time.

Doug / Legacy Forge

Doug / Legacy Forge

Arianna / Legacy Forge

Arianna / Legacy Forge

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6 Responses to To the Forge

  1. Great framing and wonderful headaches, I love the one of Arianna! I’ve never been to Scarborough and would love to go sometime.

  2. Leslie Hill says:

    Thanks for the great blog and the pictures. It was a very scary bee!

  3. Arianna Reaves says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely pictures and sweet review! I really do have the best job at the festival 🙂

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