Only Half the Story

I hate it when I am in a position to make a photo, but can only tell half the story.  There are situations as a photographer when the objective of the shot is to tell a story.  If you can’t do that you are leaving your audience wondering what they are looking at.

The shot below was taken at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival during one of the last Don Juan and Miguel shows of the season.  I opted to only take one lens this day and was limited to the restrictions of having a long lens.  In this case I was not able to capture the entire scene of the stage.

Miguel featured in Spaghetti Explosion

Miguel featured in Spaghetti Explosion

Now anyone who has ever seen this (or most any other) show performed by Don Juan and Miguel know or have a good idea of what is happening.  But to the audience who hasn’t seen the show you are left wondering what is going on.  This isn’t always bad.  You can often use multiple images and create a collage or series to work around having a single image that doesn’t portray the story the way you would like.

As for the image above, Miguel was holding spaghetti noodles in his mouth while Don Juan was continually shortening them with a whip.  At first I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to capture the whip in the shot, but as I have let my minds eye imagine what that would look like I think it would just add an additional element of confusion to this image.  I feel the only way that would have worked is if both individuals where in the scene.

In this shot I love how tight Miguel’s eyes are closed.  It wasn’t until I pulled this image up that I even thought about how bad it must hurt to have dried spaghetti shot into an eye socket.  But probably not as bad as being whipped.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

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