Brady Dub Tub

Not sure where I saw this done before, but thought it was an absolutely adorable idea for a photo shoot.  Picked up the Wash Tub and Wash Board from amazon and I finally picked up a sheet of tile board from home depot (couldn’t find it online but the part number is 346-428).  The whole setup cost just under $60.

Brady Dub Tub

Brady Dub Tub

This setup held my son’s attention for a little while longer than the Easter shoot, but not by much.  I tried a lighting setup a little bit different and am not sure I love it.  Will have to play around with that in the future.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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2 Responses to Brady Dub Tub

  1. Mom says:

    Cute picture Brett, can’t wait to see the others. It’s a shame he isn’t cute!!!!!! You would have thought the bubbles would have held his attention for a long time. I’m surprised he didn’t crawl in.

  2. Earl Hawkins says:

    He will get even with you some day when you show this to his first girl friend and she makes fun of little fat ankels & toes…Remember the baby picture I made of Luke in a tube with a little toy sub I baught him when I went to Ill. to see him when he was a few weeks old. He bitched about it over the years when I showed it off to his friends later…Watch out…

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