Bunny Brady Found His Egg

Same as last year my wife found this adorable outfit that she thought our son would look super cute in for an Easter photo shoot. After rejecting the idea at first I finally reconsidered my initial denial of purchase and suggested we go ahead and do it. I mean seriously, for how many years is he really going to allow us to put him into these types of costumes and enjoy being in them. Other than the initial struggle of dressing him he ran around happy as a lark looking like peter cotton tail.

Unlike last year Brady was a lot more mobile this time around.  His interest in the basket and eggs was quickly lost and he found many other items that were more intriguing off set.  Not sure if any of you have tried to keep your highly explorative toddler in place and take pictures at the same time, but you quickly realize your fighting a losing battle.   The key to getting a few keepers is to make sure you have everything set prior to the shoot.  After maybe 5 minutes of photography I called it a wrap and told Ryann if we got 2 good shots we would be fortunate.

Brady Easter Photo Shoot

Brady Easter Photo Shoot

Brady Easter Photo Shoot

Brady Easter Photo Shoot

Brady Easter Photo Shoot

Brady Easter Photo Shoot

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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2 Responses to Bunny Brady Found His Egg

  1. Earl Hawkins says:

    What can I say tther than he is growing so fast and run’s like a bunny ever time I try to catch him. Geat picturs but did he get to break one and eat it??

  2. Mom says:

    Brett, these are really cute. I want a copy of the third one where he is holding the green egg in his hand. His expression on his face is so cute. Angelic I would say. Loved them!

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