Who’s in the Strawberry Patch…

I’ve been MIA

I can’t believe it has been so long since I have taken the time to blog.  Sorry for recent inactivity around here.  It goes to show you how quickly our habits get changed if we let them.  I have been spending more time in the evenings with the family and relaxing and realized over the last few days just how enjoyable it is to not be working every evening on photography work.  Unfortunately I have clients who are still awaiting results.  So it is back on the horse for this cowboy.

So who is in the strawberry patch?

Well, if you remember back far enough it should be Sally.  What a catchy little tune that was.  Last I heard Tony was still singing in casinos.  If memory serves me correctly though Dawn and Dawn are no longer his backup.  But for the purpose of this blog the answer is of course my two children.

Continuing on with our spring break adventure we came across an advertisement for berry picking.  This is something I remember doing when I was a child and Ryann thought it would be a lot of fun for us to go do for a bit.

On our way there I decided that some day I am going to buy a decked out jeep with every accessory one could possibly slap on said vehicle and truly follow the direction Mr. Garmin was spouting out.  Private dirt roads, cemeteries, not sure who they get to do QA work for them, but was about at accurate as our local weather persons.

With buckets in hand we headed out to pick our bounty of juicy red berries from the awaiting fields.  We were guided to the very back of the lot by a family who had just finished up.  We had no problem obtaining more berries then we would be able to consume in no time.

Brady & Ariana in a strawberry patch

Brady & Ariana in a strawberry patch

The photo opportunities would have been fantastic… had it not been three thirty in the afternoon.  Of course I wish I would have had my diffuser panel, or some flashes.  But I was on vacation and trying to carry as little gear as possible so as to enjoy the vacation, so you make due with what you have.

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Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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