Fossil Rim – The Escape

The second half of our trek brought us back around to the giraffes and zebras.  I think by this time of the day though these guys had been fed to death and didn’t really have much interest in anyone.

I saw this image unfolding and managed to get exactly what I was looking for.  I love the way he was just standing there watching them run by.

Zebra Watching the Herd

Zebra Watching the Herd

Shortly after we left this area we came across these rams who showed absolutely zero fear of people or cars.  Ariana and Brady both enjoyed the up close and personal attention they were getting and had fun donating the rest of the food to these guys.

Brady Petting a Ram

Brady Petting a Ram

While the rest of the family was feeding these guys I was busy snapping pictures.  I made sure the chimp the first few and immediately realized that I needed to meter off the reflection on their horns.  The detail in their eyes was something I also wanted to try and capture.  I like this shot, but wish I could have had someone bouncing some light back into the eye.  🙂

Eye of the Ram

Eye of the Ram

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Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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