Time For A Dust Bath

Just inside the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center we  quickly came across a herd of zebras.  Not acting anything like ones I had seen in zoos before these were very entertaining to watch.  Full of energy and life.  Playing with each other, chasing one another around, mother and foal nuzzling each other.  The picture below is of one just finishing with a dust bath.

Zebra Dust Bath

Zebra Dust Bath

Almost half way through the reservation we finally encountered the animal experience Ariana had been waiting for.  The chance to hand feed a “wild” animal had presented itself.  I am not sure what I was expecting, but I guess I thought a giraffe sticking its head in the car window would somehow excite my son.  Nope.  Nothing.  Not even sure he realized the giraffe was there.



Feeding these guys was interesting.  They use their tongue and wrap it around your hand using it to pull you to their mouth.  their lips are rough and prickly reminding me of my face after not shaving for a few days, but not as coarse as sandpaper.

Half way through wild kingdom you go up a hill and are presented an opportunity to stop and stretch your legs at the overlook.  There is a restaurant and picnic area available that overlook the valley that you just drove through.  Brady was tired of being confined to his car seat so we took our time at the restaurant eating and letting him walk around.

Brady says Happy St. Patrick's Day

Brady says Happy St. Patrick’s Day

After lunch we wandered over to the children’s petting zoo and activity center.  Ariana spent her time watching the birds and Brady was just happy to be out walking around.

Ryann, Brady, Ariana

Ryann, Brady, Ariana

The animal farm didn’t appear to have a whole lot of animals.  Not sure if this is temporary or if they are always this barren.  There were a few goats, pigs and a large turtle, but the goats were the only animals available for the kids to pet.

Brady Exploring at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Brady Exploring at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

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Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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