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This blog is suppose to encompass both my love for photography and for travel.  This last year though we haven’t taken as many trips or mini trips as I would like to have.  In the spirit of wishing I was out and about I decided to do a quick post about one of our stops on our trip last summer.

Back road driving is one of my favorite past times. I find nothing more enjoyable than driving through small towns. To me it is like visiting museums. The architecture, the design, the quiet, the people, the history. It goes on and on. But I most enjoy how time seems to run a little slower.  People are in a little less of a hurry and most are willing to chat it up with you.  No place that I have been to could be more relaxed then Luckenback Texas.

The first time I took my wife to Luckenback I believe she either said “Where is it?” or “This is it?”.  And by looking around you have to agree.  There really isn’t much going on, especially when you pull up on a weekday before noon.  But Luckenbach is more of a mental place of being than a physical one.  It’s a way of life and a memory of life.  A place to go and relax and not think about anything.

The second time we visited happened to be on a weekend and the population of visitors was much higher.  The laid back attitude was still there and nobody showed the appearance of being in a hurry to do anything.  I talked motorcycles for a while, the whole family got a picture taken with Shotgun, the girls enjoyed some cold drinks as singing and guitar playing filled the ambient.

Shotgun, Ariana and Brady

Shotgun, Ariana and Brady

Most famous would be the structure of the post office that remains in Luckenbach.  It took some time just sitting and waiting to try and capture this image.  Looking back on it now though I wish I would have gone ahead and grabbed some shots with people in it.  But that just gives me a reason to go back and do it again.

This is an HDR shot of the post office.  I processed the HDR in NiK HDR Efex Pro and did some additional editing in Photoshop.  This is one of those locations that I want to go back to and shoot at multiple different angles.  The next time I know I am heading that direction I also plan on using a wide angle lens to capture the inside of the building.

Luckenback Post Office

Luckenback Post Office

I really wanted to head down there in 2010 and photograph it covered in snow.  I’m guessing that you just don’t get to see that all too often.

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