Bone Drunk

Today’s image is another one I took while out with my son a couple of weekends ago.  Before we headed out on this urbex adventure I used Google maps to try and locate abandoned structures.  The satellite images of this area looked promising, but it turned out there were only some remnants of foundations left.  Unfortunately once you leave the paved roads Google no longer provides you with street view functionality.

I really like how this image is so simple.  I was surprised to find that the area wasn’t completely cluttered with tags and graffiti.

Bone Drunk

Bone Drunk

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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1 Response to Bone Drunk

  1. Earl Hawkins says:

    I liked you last picture and I also am surprised you found something that clean
    painted any where. Sure glad Brady is to young to read however that one would
    be O.K. but what is means is any one’s guess….May have been something I left
    there back thirty years ago in my drinking years…

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