The Monroe Pearson Co.

This wasn’t what I initially wanted to post today.  Due to a Hard drive crash yesterday I lost my 1 TB drive of photos.  Thankfully I have a backup and spent most of the day working on recovering.  Until yesterday I have never had my data triplicated.  By tomorrow it will be.  I am also now considering a cloud based backup as well.  If any other photogs have considered this or are using it I would love to have your opinions.

Today’s photo is of a rusty old trailer for the Monroe Pearson Co. Wholesale Grocers.  I love rust.  I love the color, the texture, the fact that it represents history.  Usually a Google search will unveil some information for historic searches like this.  Today I wasn’t that lucky.  I managed to find a photo on flickr and a death record, but that was about it.  I am sure if I had the time I could eventually dig up more info on this company.

According to the obituary Jack Lee Vanderhoff, 81, of Denton, died Friday, March 16, 2007 at Senior Health Care Center in Denton. He married Louise Pearson on Jan. 4, 1948, in Denton. They operated Monroe Pearson Wholesale Grocer after the retirement of Mr. Pearson.

This information is consistent with the photo I found on flickr of a building in Denton, but this trailer has the city name of Wichita Falls.

Monroe Pearson Wholesale Grocers

Monroe Pearson Wholesale Grocers

I used NiK HDR Efex Pro to process this image.  Larger version can be seen in my gallery.  To be honest, This isn’t one of my favorite images.  I think the composition could be better.  I shot it mainly for the texture and color of the trailer.  I also have a love for fading text.  If this trailer hadn’t been parked on occupied land and I wasn’t pushing a stroller around I would have attempted to try and capture a more interesting view of it.

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4 Responses to The Monroe Pearson Co.

  1. Linda says:

    Is this trailer off of Precinct Line Rd, in ‘the bottoms” between Hurst and Arlington? If not, it reminds me of one that is there, and has been for as long as I can remember (my mom used to drive from our home in Bedford to her allergist on Randol Mill in Arlington through the river bottom back in the early-mid 1970s, back when there was an iron bridge over the river [I drive through there so infrequently I don’t trust my memory, which tells me the iron bridge is gone, having been replaced with a modern concrete structure]). I found your photo because a photographer friend of mine posted a photo with the Monroe Pearson warehouse in Denton in the background, and I Googled “Monroe Pearson Company” out of curiosity. The more I look at your photo, I think maybe it is a different trailer because it was a big mess around the one I remember.

    • Brett Cox says:

      I think I have seen a picture of the warehouse in Denton. I am so surprised that there is so little information on Monroe Pearson on the web.

      You are in the general area of where I shot this. I found this trailer a few more miles to the east, but yes it is residing in the bottoms. I can’t believe it has been there since the 70’s. That’s crazy. The iron bridge is gone, but I wonder if it is the one they moved over off Euless Main Street. I haven’t been there personally, but it was a part of a scavenger hunt we were on not to long ago. There was an organized mess around the trailer, but not too bad. I did frame this to exclude the distracting elements.

  2. A. says:

    Out of curiosity, I’m interested in more details about this company.
    Could you reply with details of the location of the trailer?

  3. I am the granddaughter of Jack and Louise, I would love to know more about this picture. We still have a number of trailers at the house in Denton, but this is the first one I have seen not on our property. I came across the picture of the old store a while back but, it is still standing and granny took me by there, but it is so interesting seeing a picture of our families trailer. This is really neat, I know this might not be one of your favorite pictures, but it just made my day, Thank you for sharing.

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