Mid Cities – Dock 1

Last weekend Brady and I decided to go urbexing for a few hours and see what we could find close to home.  You can usually always find interesting warehouse type buildings near rail road tracks, so that is the direction we headed.

I soon realized that Brady’s stroller may not have been designed for off roading to this magnitude.  The tall grass and gravel were difficult to power through.  Although his ride was a bit bumpy he seemed to enjoy being out and about.  There were a few shots that I didn’t stop and take because I knew I just wouldn’t be able to get the stroller there, at least not while hauling around my camera and tripod.  Kelty makes a child carrier backpack I may look into if we continue to come across these situations.

Mid Cities Dock #1

Mid Cities Dock #1

I wasn’t able to find out any information about what this building was used for.  By it’s size, the trailer ramps and a cement landing dock stretching towards the tracks I assume it wasn’t much more than just a storage warehouse for cargo either coming or going by rail.

I processed this image with NiK HDR Efex Pro.  The full size image can be seen in my gallery.

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Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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