May I Use Your Privy

On a recent trip to Niles City with James Brandon and Cliff Baise we came across a scene that I never expected to find, a bathroom.

Since most of the identifying structures have been removed it is difficult to understand what took place in many of the rooms in the remaining structures still standing on the property.  Some of the rooms still have rails, chains and hooks hanging from the ceiling.  We made some educated guesses using the historic photos found on the web, but it is frustrating not knowing.

I have no idea what the structure I found this in was used for.  It was near the railroad tracks and had a huge garage door.  This image was capture in a small room directly attached.  Inside and to the left of the door were some shower stalls.  Behind this room was another large room that was mostly destroyed.


An Urbex Bathroom
An Urbex Bathroom

I processed this image with NIK HDR Efex Pro.  You can see it larger in my photo gallery.

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Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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