The Evolution of a Toddler

Our son has finally discovered that there is more to the house than he had grown accustomed to.  Much like leveling up in a video game, he has moved on and doesn’t seem to have much interest in revisiting the old area.  Up until now we had strategically placed pillows in a manner that contained him to the living room, hall way and his bedroom.  Unfortunately for us “Frank the Tank” as my wife is calling him has found that he can bulldoze through the pillows granting him access to the entry way, dining room and kitchen.

In preparation for the inevitable I had already put into place the child lock devices on all but one of the kitchen cabinets and thankfully so.  It didn’t take any extra time for him to realize mysteries are awaiting him behind each door.  It amazes me how fast children learn and remember, as it only took one time for Brady to know exactly which door he had the ability to penetrate and invade.  I now find pots, pans, flour sifters and rolling pins scattered across my kitchen on a daily basis.

Brady's Kitchen Escapades

Brady's Kitchen Escapades

This new level of growth and exploration has been enjoyable to watch for all with the exception of our furry children.  Now that Brady has found that his new toy chest resides in the kitchen, our cats have become extremely frustrated that he has inadvertently become the gate keeper of their beloved food.  Although they have both come to terms with the addition to the house, they have yet come to enjoy is rugged manner of caressing their fur.

Brady's Kitchen Escapades

Brady's Kitchen Escapades

For the time being we have had to lock the pet door to prevent Brady from exploring the laundry room.  As I am sure you have guessed by now, this is also where the cat food resides.  Brady discovered that he too is just the right size to use this door.  His grandfather claims he is just trying to get to the Man Cave.

Soon enough son, you too can enjoy the Man Cave.

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