Under A Blanket

Getting snow in North Texas no longer surprises me.  If memory serves me correctly we have had it for at least the last three years in a row.  But I can’t remember the last time the metroplex was covered in snow ice for an entire week and I don’t ever remember school closings for four days in a row.

I love the snow, especially here where we get the great opportunity to see things in a manner that isn’t typical.  It’s great being able to go out and capture some photographs of normal everyday sights in an untypical season.  I only wish that Texas was better equipped to clear the roadways when this weather showed up.  I unfortunately had to spend two of the days at work, but did get out for a little while for the other two days.  The roads were a mess and I didn’t go far from home.  Thankfully what I had in mind for my shoot on Friday appeared to have closed for the day, so even though I didn’t get a real early start I found what I wanted fairly untouched.

A Snow Covered Sundial

A Snow Covered Sundial

This image is of the sundial located at the City of Euless Municipal buildings.  William Gardner Fuller, the mayor Euless from 1963 to 1969 had envisioned the sundial as part the municipal complex.  I have often wanted to photograph it and am glad I stopped by on this day.  This is an HDR image made up of three shots and processed in NIK HDR Effects Pro.  I realized while working on this image that falling snow against a gray sky looks like tons of sensor dust.  It was hard not to go through and remove every last flake, but I really wanted to try leave the look of snow fall in the image.

Check out the full size image here or at my gallery.  Make sure you also stop by and check out my friend James Brandon’s blog for his great image of a frozen fountain.

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