Texas Seasons

Not being a native Texan brings with it the disadvantage of accepting the fact that there are really only two seasons here. But sometimes we are given the chance to fake it.
Last week when we were enjoying some wonderful 70º weather in January, my wife and I took our son to the park. While they were playing on the jungle gym I walked around looking for subjects to photograph.

I initially had my mind set on trying to get some bird shots. The woodpeckers were out in force this day and I have been wanting to work on my bird photography. I haven’t yet been able to capture them in what I would consider an interesting manner. After snapping away for a few minutes I realized that I missed the reach my cropped sensor body allowed. So after a failed attempt of getting the shot that I think I wanted I let my attention wander and opened my mind to everything else.

I came across this pine cone and decided to go for a for very simple artistic shot using a greater amount of negative space than I usually do.  Not long ago a saw a shot taken by my friend Jessica that inspired me to look for the negative space to increase the emphasis on the photographed subject.

A Lonely Pine Cone

A Lonely Pine Cone

This was a single exposure shot that I processed using NIK Color Efex Pro.  Some final touch up work was done using Aperture.  Larger sized image can be seen in my gallery.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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