Unexpected Surprises

What is one to do when they are given a day off of work due to inclement weather closing down the city?  Go and make some pictures.

I have been wanting to stop and take some shots of these old trucks that have been parked in a wooded field on my way home for some time now.  Up until this last week I thought they were fully functional and had just been left until whatever project near the area started up again.  These circumstances usually don’t last for very long and I have been trying to schedule this outing before my opportunity disappeared.  This last week though I noticed that the driver side door of one of the trucks had been opened and from the street it appeared that the window was smashed out.  I assumed that this was just some vandalism, but this tends to lead to the owner taking some type of action that I guess will have these vehicles moved.

Since a freak ice and snow storm blessed north Texas this morning I was fortunate enough to get the day off of work.  Luckily for me this field is close to my house and I didn’t have to drive far in this mess to get where I needed to.  I got the shots I was wanting and due to the weather conditions I was able to get clean backgrounds due to the very limited amount of traffic on the roads.

What I wasn’t expecting was to find this treasure sitting in the storage unit next to the trucks.  I immediately thought back on the post I wrote titled “In Your Own Backyard“.   Just goes to show you that you really don’t have to go far to find the most interesting items.

A Texas Size Engine

A Texas Size Engine

This image was comprised of 7 shots taken at 1 stop apart.  I used NIK HDR Efex Pro to create the HDR.  For this image I did the post process work in Apple’s Aperture 3.   I wanted to try and keep this as realistic looking as possible while accentuating some of the details on the engine.  I have no idea why the bike helmet was on the cart,  and initially I wanted to remove it from the scene as I don’t feel that it adds anything to the image.  I decided to leave it because I wasn’t sure if any wild animals may have been taking cover somewhere else in this shed and didn’t want to startle them.  Secondly the floor was rotting with visible holes and on any other day that it isn’t 12º out I would have risked walking across, but without the full feeling of my feet I again opted out of the risk this time.

You can see the full size image in my gallery.  Clicking the slide show button engages full screen mode.

I would love to know what you think of this image.  Please leave comments below.

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Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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