An Urbex Adventure

A while back I went to this incredibly cool place called Niles City.  At the time I didn’t know a whole lot about the location other than it use to be the Swift Company Meat Packing plant.  That day circumstances didn’t allow me to explore most of it and I have always wanted to go back.  That opportunity finally presented itself to me and I jumped at the chance.  Myself and two other photographers spent the better part of an afternoon exploring the remaining buildings that reside on the property.

Most recently these structures were used as part of the set for Prison Break and previously in episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger.  Unfortunately I don’t believe this area is going to be around much longer.  It takes up a considerable amount of land in an area that could make good use of it.  I love decrepit structures and could spend weeks photographing them.  I hope what I have of this historic monument is enough.

Piece No. 1 at Swift Armour

Piece No. 1 at Swift Armour

The above image was comprised of 9 shots and was processed with NIK HDR Efex Pro.  I chose to go with a bleach bypass look for this shot because of the sun burst.  The walls were in no way lacking color, but I wanted to portray the first few seconds of the washed out look that your eyes have after looking directly at the sun, not that anyone should do that intentionally.

Full size copy of this image can be seen here in my gallery.

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