Everyone loves a glass of wine…

or two or three.

Heading back from San Antonio this summer we decided to take the scenic route and spend some time on the Texas Wine Trail in the hill country.  We made multiple stops enjoying a leisurely pace on our way home.  The last and most memorable winery we visited was the Grape Creek Winery and Vineyard.  This little Tuscany in Texas was by far the nicest, most relaxed venue we stopped at.

The outdoor patio was very relaxing and inviting.  The ample tree coverage of shade and the ambient sound of a water feature made this an environment that I could spend hours enjoying the company of friends, good conversation, and great wine.  A short distance from the patio is a small vineyard.  This appeared to be more of ambient feature than what would be used to produce the wine.

The tasting room was just as inviting as the patio.  plenty of room inside with couches and chairs set up allowing for comfortable environment that would allow hours to pass you by in minutes.  Two bars were set up for patrons to visit and taste the wines offered.  The room also served as a gift shop with trinkets and nick knacks.

Grape Creek Winery and Vineyard

Grape Creek Winery and Vineyard

This image was taken knowing that Nik Software was working on HDR software and has been sitting on my HD in the form of zeros and ones for months.  I finally had some time and decided to try and process a few of these images.  This one was a seven exposure bracket and was processed with Nik HDR Efex Pro.

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  1. Very nice final image Brett. The sky looks great!

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