Wagon Wheels and Taffy

Last weekend my family and I headed down to the Ft. Worth Stockyards to try and make use some props I had purchased.   I had been storing these items and waiting for when Brady could sit up by himself.  He finally reached that milestone a couple of weeks ago and the weather cooled down enough to try the shoot.  But probably not cool enough.  We still sweated our butts off. Later this week I will post some of those images to the blog.

While we moseyed around, my wife spotted a stash of broken down boxes for Taffy Town that she felt would make for a cute photo.  I grabbed one and we started scouting for a decent background.  What we found worked, but wouldn’t be my first choice again.  I would have preferred something more solid.  I don’t believe what we used was overly distracting, but the one streak of light falling behind the board bothers me a little.

Brady / Taffy Town

Brady / Taffy Town

For the shot above I had a Speedlight on camera with the flash head pointed almost straight up and the diffuser panel slightly extended in order to try and put just a little catch light in the eye.

Brady Wagon Wheel

Brady Wagon Wheel

Another item of interest we came across was this wagon.  Unfortunately it sits right next to a bank of windows looking into a dinning hall giving very limited points of view.  I used a speedlight attached to the hotshoe in this setup also for catch lights also.

Additional shots of Brady can be seen here.

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