The Milestones

I find it interesting how each person has their own interpretation of milestones.  From a parent’s point of view, your children reach milestones every day.  Doctors have charts and check marks that they go by.  Schools think TAKS is the way to go.

Every day it seems that Brady crosses another milestone in his growth and development.  But I don’t mean milestone in the sense of ‘Oh, he took his first step’.  The milestones I see are the little things he does differently everyday.   Ryann made me realize this tonight as I was picking up Brady’s room.  I had removed a new toy he had received from its package and she placed it in front of him triggering it to make noise.  He immediately tuned into it and began attempting to play with it.  The toy he received was the Circo Push Crawl and Sort which is close to 1/2 his body size.  But that obstacle doesn’t seem to bother him.  He lays next to it and hits it with his hands until he triggers the lights and sounds.

As a Photographer the milestones I wait for are a little different, a little more visible.  The first smile, the ability to sit on their own, the day they first grab their feet.  Brady has finally found his feet and I have attempted twice now to try and capture this moment on film.  Unfortunately this milestone has occurred at the same time as his learning how to roll over.  This makes for a very entertaining photo shoot.  Me trying to capture the moment and Ryann making sure that Brady doesn’t roll off the set.

A second challenge of shooting a little boy laying on his back grabbing his feet while wearing nothing is trying to keep it cute, clean, and precious.  In the end we just let Brady do what he wanted and enjoyed the moment.  Everyone had a lot of fun.

Brady Photography Shoot

Brady Photography Shoot

For this shot I was using Nikons CLS (Creative Lighting System).  Camera left was an SB-600 firing through a shoot through umbrella.  To the right of Brady was another SB-600 fired through a softbox.  The backdrop was held up using the Westcott Backdrop support system.  I picked up the fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts.   I have also started using the Nikon SG-31R IR Panel for shots that I want to control the lighting a little bit more.  I find it more useful and noticeable when shooting products, especially those that have highly reflective surfaces.

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