A Relaxing Summer

A few years ago Ryann, Ariana and I went sailing with my parents in the San Juan Islands. This was one of the most enjoyable relaxing vacations that I have ever been on. We spent about 10 days chasing the wind from one island to another. We would gather fresh seafood for dinner and spend our free time relaxing, reading, sleeping and enjoying the beautiful scenery that God has given us.  But the most enjoyable part of this trip were the memories of a family vacation.

This trip offered us many experiences that we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy on a daily basis.  Ariana learned to set crab traps providing us with a delicious crab louie for lunch one day.  We dug up fresh clams for a chowder, and we were boiling up muscles almost nightly to go with our dinners.  This seafood was absolutely delicious.

We stopped for a few days at different ports, spending our time dining at the local restaurants, shopping with street merchants, and downing a few at the local pubs.  The only experience we missed from this trip was the opportunity to sail along side some whales.  It turned out that we were one day early sailing through their normal migration path.

We were hoping that this would be the year we might get to head up through the Strait of Georgia, Canada.  Unfortunately we were unable to raise our sails again this summer.  hopefully the family will be able to get our sea legs back again soon.

Sail boat in cove under fire orange sky

Sail boat in cove under fire orange sky

This shot was taken at Echo Bay.

Orange Sunset

Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset

The two sunsets were enjoyed from the boat on the east side of Cypress Island.

About Brett Cox

Photographic Artist exploring this wonderful world through my lens.
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