Baby Earmuffs

A few weeks ago our daughter competed in a dance competition at one of the local school gyms.  It didn’t even occur to us that something as sophisticated as a ballroom dancing competition would have the same onslaught of fans cheering as loudly as one would expect at an event like a final four game.  Thankfully Ariana was in the second set of dancers, allowing Brady and I to slip out to a more serene setting after watching her perform.

Ariana’s school was fantastic and moved on to the Finals to be held two weeks later.  My wife immediately had visions of Drew Brees son at the end of the Super Bowl.  A quick search on amazon led us to the Peltor junior ear muffs.

Brady was a bit confused as we first put them on him, but had adjusted within minutes.  The ear muffs worked so well he was actually able to sleep through part of the contest.  They worked extremely well and we no longer have to avoid situations where noise levels might be too loud.

Peltor Junior Earmuff

Peltor Junior Earmuff

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